Security Lighting

Security Lights Program

Franklin PUD is pleased to provide affordable Security Lighting to our customer-owners. To participate, simply call the PUD engineering department at (509) 547-0556 to arrange an on site meeting with a Field Engineer to determine if the service is available in your area, and the light location and direction.

New security lights can be installed where an existing 120V source is available. If there is space available on one of our existing distribution poles, we will install a 100-watt high-pressure sodium luminare. If there is no distribution pole available, we can provide a standard 35-foot pole. We will furnish the pole, install it, and retain ownership and maintenance of the pole, specifically for the security light. The charge for installing this pole is $200. You will be asked to provide adequate access for a line truck to install and/or remove pole.

There is no contract or minimum term required. The new light will be billed to an existing account.