Appliance Rebates

Appliance Rebates

Appliance Rebate Application - Washer or Dryer
Appliance Rebate Application - Insulation
Aplicación de Reembolso

Franklin PUD currently offers rebates on the following appliances:

  • $25 rebate on qualifying ENERGY STAR® clothes washer
  • $50 on qualifying ENERGY STAR® clothes dryer
  • $100 on select smart thermostats


Verify that the product you are purchasing meets the eligibility requirements listed on the ENERGY STAR® certified products.

How to apply for an Appliance Rebate

  • Include copy of receipt and ENERGY STAR® documentation
  • Sign the Appliance Rebate Application
  • Make copies of all documentation for your records
  • Submit your completed application and documentation to Franklin PUD by: